Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skinny Genes Part III. continued

This is the second half of my blog (Skinny Genes Part III.) posted on December 7th.  Continuing the horrible tips from a sick girl's diary, who is clearly out of her mind with these eating (or non-eating) habits she has.

21.  Weigh yourself before and after every time you eat.  (That's just silly.  We all fluctuate 2-5 pounds daily.)

22.  Watch other people eat.  Sometimes people eating looks so gross.  (Be careful!  It could be appetizing as well!)

23.  Find pictures of overweight people or family members and put them in various places around your house.  (Or just watch the Big Looser.)

24.  Brush your teeth and tongue whenever you hungry, this trick will keep you from eating.  (You'll be dying, but at least with very clean teeth.)

25.  Arrange your house so you won't eat.  Put things away in high places you can't reach.  If you have to get a chair to cheat you might think twice.  (Maybe works in theory, but believe me when you are hungry, you'll be getting that damn chair.  Better idea: break all chairs and couches in your house!)

26.  This is a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen trick.  Put red lipstick on perfectly.  If you eat, it will get all messed up and all over your teeth.  (This trick might be patented by the twins, so be careful for using rights!  Also i advise to use smudge proof lipstick.  Works like a charm!)

27.  Taste your food.  Chew it and spit it out!  (What a tease.)

28.  Crest White Strips.  Here's the deal.  You're supposed to wear these on your upper and lower teeth for 30 minutes each, 2x a day.  And you definitely cannot eat while you've got these babies on.  You can have up to 2 hours a day of literally not being able to eat!  If you put them on about 15 minutes before dinner then you can't eat dinner with your family and they'll have to let you eat on your own later, which of course you'll skip.  It's perfect!  (Revolutionary!!! This chick is onto something.  She should get paid by Crest White Strips for free advertising.)

29.  Ride out the hour.  When you start to get hungry, just tell yourself that you'll wait until the end of the hour to eat anything.  That way you'll have time to think about whether or not you really want those calories, and you'll also feel really powerful since you've proved to yourself that you can go for that time without food.  (Better yet, try to "ride out" the whole month, you won't even have to think about whether you want to eat or not, because you'll be DEAD!)

30.  If you are in college, schedule classes around meal times.  You can't eat in class, can you?  (I know I can.)

31.  Stop yourself before you eat and think about what you are doing.  (WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????)

 These are some of the advices that are given to young girls.  Of course I make fun of them.  What else can you do?  It's way to ridiculous to take it seriously.  First I get shocked on how someone thinks it's healthy to be this way, then I make fun of it.


 The fact that these girls look up to models for inspiration - or "thinspiration" as the website mentions - it's utterly terrifying to me.  The reason why some girls become, or at leasth SHOULD ONLY become models is because they are naturally skinny.  If you have to do extreme dieting - as I think a healthy diet is good -, and have to make you and your body suffer.  PLEASE DO NOT become a model!  Better yet, become a plus size model. 

 I recently worked on a shot where the company designed clothes not only in a sample but a plus size as well.  What does "plus size" means?  It ranges between a dress size 6 to 12 or even above that.  It doesn't have such strict requirements as sample size do.  If you have a great face, nice hair, and good skin, you can be as successful in modeling as any other fashion models around the World.  In fact, plus size modeling is a fast growing industry, with the media focusing on these models more and more.  Reflecting a healthy, happy body image, introducing them as the "real women".  Which phrase I don't agree a 100%.  Me being a size 4, I consider myself as much of a real women as anybody else.  But will talk about that later.

The girl I've worked with was absolutely gorgeous.  About a size 8, age 29, she was curvy with a beautiful face and a great smile.  I even bet she works more then me, or many other girls I know.  She seemed confident and happy with her looks.  But still, I felt a sense of sourness when we started to talk about the industry.  I could see, she was ok with her job as a plus size model.  But no matter how much she worked, was a bit bothered by the fact, that is still me - the sample size model - who is the main girl is a shoot we were doing that day.  As I'm the MODEL, and she is the PLUS SIZE MODEL.  I felt she wanted to be mentioned as the model only.  For which I'm not sure I'd root for, as it would probably eliminate me working as a model all together.  I told her that my ideal situation would be the 90's modeling era.  When a true 4 was a true 4.  Healthy skin, shinny hair, big smiles.  She agreed, knowing that even back then she would only be a plus size model.  But what is wrong with that?  She is still extremely lucky to be able to make such good money with only her looks and nothing else.

It seems today models have more options with the rising acceptance of "plus size".  It used to be that if your weight had changed, there was no place for you in the high fashion world.  But now there is room for all beauties. 

A friend of mine recently sent me an email with a Polaroid of a semi famous model we both worked with a couple of years back.  But in this picture she seemed at least 20 pounds heavier.  I looked her up and it turns out she skipped a full season and her agency ended up moving her to their plus size division.  I remember her being super skinny.  Her body change could be that she actually grew up, and become a woman.  Or that she finally gave in and stayed true to her real body type, the body she was always supposed to have.  Whichever is the reason, I'm glad she looks herself, and hope she is happy.  All though she could still use some toning up.  I don't want fall to the other side of the horse by saying her gaining 20 pounds it's an all positive thing.  She should still be eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.  As I believe that those two activities are for anyone of any size.

Don't exercise to stay thin, do it to stay healthy!

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