Friday, November 12, 2010

Have a Coke!...Or Don't!

Today I had a Coke (not diet, REGULAR) for the first time in two months.  It actually didn't feel as fantastic as i thought it would be.  I'm disappointed in a way.  Maybe i had passed the time limit of my sugar addiction, where it doesn't affect me anymore.  The only reason i choose to drink one today is really because i had Mexican food, which just calls for one bubbly goodness.  I couldn't say no to a side order of 1 drink.

 Oh, the sweet addictive Coca-Cola.  The fun memories on a hot day by the pool.  For its existence we can all thank a man called John Pemberton of Georgia, founder and creator of Coke.  All though he can't be blamed for everything as his intention was only to make medication.  Some sort of a remedy drink that will surely cure morphine addiction, headache and even impotence.  Well, now we know, that if he would've been right, millions of dollars could've been saved on male enhancement medications like Viagra.
 Cola is originally made with coca leaves.  Which have been chewed by South American Indians for many thousands of years to induce a mild, long-lasting euphoria.  The Incas venerated coca.  I'd tried it last year on a trip to Peru. I have to say i take a Coke anytime over a handful of dry leaves.  It wasn't really tasty, and left chewed up leaf pieces in my mouth for hours. Though it does make you a little high if you have the right amount.
 Mr. Pemberton ended up giving all the rights to the drink to his son Charley.  Who eventually created the famous The Coca-Cola Company known today.  From then on we pretty much know the future of Coke, and it's famous by products such as Diet Coke, Coca- Cola Zero etc.

 I can't imagine anyone ever really expected to see Coke to grow to such a sensational success.  A national icon of the US.  With a secret formula that is only known to few and worth billions of dollars.  I remember being a little girl, i always felt there was this myth around Coke, like i'm drinking some sort of a magical drink that no one knows how to make.  It even added to its attractiveness, plus i liked the taste.

 Back then it didn't even cross my mind that what i'm drinking might not be good for me.  It contains an incredible amount of sugar made of high-fructose corn syrup (naturally, what else).  One can of Coke apparently has 10 teaspoons of pure sugar, which alone should scare you off for life.  Plus a huge doze of caffeine, to keep you up and running all day long.  It also contains artificial coloring and other ingredients such as acids like sodium benzoate.  A strong preservative as well as a controversial additive used in Diet Coke, can be generally found in every soda drink available out there.  Linked to DNA damage in yeast cells. And guess what? When mixed together with a nice doze of artificial colors, it might increase hyperactive behaviour in children and create disorders such as ADD.  Think of this next time you give a kid a can of Coke.

 In response to consumer insistence on a more natural product, The Coca-Cola Company is in the process of phasing out sodium benzoate.  The company has stated that it plans to remove it from its other products, including Sprite, as soon as a satisfactory alternative is found.  I guess their hard work of finding a replacement has't payed off yet, as it is still in every can we drink.  Lovely!

 Soda is literally making Americans drink themselves fat. And it's not only Americans now, as Coke and it's other soda product have become a World wide sensation.  No matter where you are from, you can now all enjoy the "benefits" of this sweet tasting sugary drink.  It's like cigarettes.  Even the heavy smokers know it's bad for your health, but still smoke.  I guess if you are an adult who's aware of the consequences and still won't stop it, then go for it.  Spare the kids though!

 As for me, i have kicked the bad habit once and for all.  I still consider myself a recovering Coke addict.  But I proudly say, i can have a can once a month and not crave more.

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